The Kits designed by N-Com for this line are perfectly integrated in the helmet, maintaining the same level of comfort and ensuring excellent audio quality. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can talk with your passenger or on your mobile phone, listen to music with an Mp3 player or receive travel information from the satellite navigator.

The wide range of N-Com accessories satisfies the needs of the most demanding bikers thanks to the possibility of connecting via cable to different audio devices and recharging your Kit X-Series even while you travel.

Do you want to change your helmet? The X-Series products follow you! Thanks to the pre-setting of X-lite helmets, the X-Series Kits can be transferred onto different helmet models. You can also connect the Kits of the N-Com, X-Series and MULTI lines in intercom mode.

Safety above all: all X-lite helmets pre-set for the X-series system are type-approved with the communication system installed, consequently they comply with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05.


Note: product availability varies by country.