Thanks to the MULTI line, you can communicate problem-free even with a helmet not pre-set for installation of the N-Com communication systems.

Simple and easy to install, the MULTI Kits adapt to different helmet models, they can be transferred from  one helmet to another and are easy to use: you can communicate via cable or via Bluetooth with your passenger or with other motorcycles, use your mobile phone, listen to music or connect to a satellite navigator and receive travel information.

All with the guarantee of N-Com quality: multiple features, comfort, product reliability and safety while riding, excellent audio performances, in addition to a wide range of accessories that let you communicate in the best way possible in any situation.

Safety above all: Nolan and Grex helmets compatible with the MULTI system have been tested and type-approved with the communication system installed, consequently they comply with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05.




Note: product availability varies by country.