Configure and control your N-Com system
from the only and exclusive dedicated App!


Have you fitted your helmet with an N-Com communication system?

Now it will be even easier to manage it, thanks to the exclusive application developed by N-Com that allows you to directly configure and control your intercom system from a Smartphone Android, iPhone, iPad.

The N-Com App can be used as a Bluetooth wireless keypad to give all intercom commands in a simple and user-friendly manner, from the Smartphone display, even while travelling on your motorbike.

Moreover, you will be able to configure the N-Com system wherever you are, according to your needs: presetting your favourite radio stations, adjusting the audio settings, managing the connected Bluetooth devices and all other functions which, until now, could only be done from a PC via N-Com Wizard.


Compatible systems with Android App:
B4/B4 PLUS - B3 - Bluetooth Kit3/Bluetooth kit3 PLUS – BX4/BX4 PLUS – BX1 - B1/B1.4 – MULTI 3/MULTI 2 - M1

Compatible systems with Android, iPhone, iPad App:
B5L/B5 - M5 - BX5


The N-Com App can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or Apple Store.

Note: In order to use the App, you must install on the N-Com system the latest firmware version available.