The pleasure of a ride on your motorbike, the comfort of an intercom system designed to be built into the helmet. Who said you always have to give up something?

Introducing the B601 range, dedicated to you.

Three available series, different in terms of installation method in the helmet, but with equal performance. R Series (B601 R), for Nolan helmets with rear built-in installation. S Series (B601 S), for Nolan and Grex helmets with side built-in installation. X Series (B601 X), for X-lite helmets with N-Com pre-setting.


All the comfort of an N-Com intercom, without changing the safety features of the helmet: the Nolangroup helmets pre-set for the N-Com system are type-approved with the communication system installed, hence complaint with Regulations UN/ECE No. 22.

Lots of errands to run, many roads to travel on, countless appointments to schedule. Thanks to N-Com, you can do it in complete freedom, directly from your motorbike, without compromising safety and comfort.

Ride safely, choose N-Com.


Perfect integration, for those who wish to obtain very high performance without compromising the look of the helmet, in full compliance with regulation UN/ECE No. 22: the B601 R Series intercom was designed and developed ad hoc to be assembled on compatible Nolan helmets.

Installation is simple and user-friendly. With paper instructions and tutorial videos, all you need is a few minutes to enhance even more the performance of your Nolan helmet.

Audio quality? The best on the market, thanks to the positioning of ear sets and microphone designed for optimal audio quality.


Compatible helmets (2022 range): N100-5/PLUS; N90-3; N80-8; N70-2 GT/X; N40-5/GT

For additional details: B601 R


Combine the pleasure of a ride on your motorbike with the performance of B601 S Series, the N-Com communication system conceived and designed to be fitted exclusively on compatible helmets, thus ensuring the best integration and unchanged wearing comfort. Whether it’s a group trip or a solo ride, the B601 S offers multiple features to make each itinerary unique and complete.

The audio quality is guaranteed by N-Com’s 10 years of experience.


Compatible helmets (2022 range): G9.2; G4.2 PRO

For additional details: B601 S


Do you want to give your X-Lite helmet new pizzazz? Choose B601 X Series, the brand new N-Com intercom that ensures superior performance, unparalleled looks and perfect integration in the helmet. This means you can focus on riding only, with all the comfort you have always wanted.


Compatible helmets (2022 range): X-1005/U.C.; X-903 U.C.; X-403 GT U.C.

For additional details: B601 X