universal intercom

Connect via Bluetooth your N-Com system to intercom systems of other brands, thanks to the Universal Intercom function

Instructions for use

  • To pair up the two devices, the N-Com systems needs to be in the “Pairing up mode”. The other intercom will have to carry out a search as for the pairing up of a mobile phone (please refer to the manual for your device for additional information). 
    N.B.: It may be that the intercom system connected to N-Com prevents the simultaneous connection to a mobile phone.
  • Even during Bluetooth communication with other intercom systems, the N-Com system keeps an active connection to a mobile phone or to the GPS.
  • By pairing up the N-Com system with another intercom, you can manage the communication just like a normal intercom connection. The intercom system of a different brand will hear the incoming call tone and, once the answer key is pressed, the intercom connection will be active.
  • Intercom systems of other brands can connect/disconnect the intercom by pressing the command that carries out the “vocal call” function (please refer to the manual for your device for additional information).
  • Remote communication between two motorcycles is possible with different intercom systems. For Bike-to-Bike communication with UNIVERSAL INTERCOM, use the traditional intercom functions (rider-passenger), without turning on the ‘Bike-to-Bike’ menu of the N-Com system .
  • The range of the Bike-to-Bike communication depends on the range of both the connected systems.

Video for connection to other intercom systems

N-Com B5 & Cardo Q3

N-Com B5 & SENA 20S

N-Com & Midland BT NEXT

N-Com & Sena SMH10R

N-Com & Cardo Q3

N-Com & Cellular Line F3XT